GOGORO 1所有汽車零件都可以零售,二手物品不可避免地使用痕跡,划痕,修復



此電機組件包括 G1馬達,散熱水冷系統,皮帶,後輪,碟盤,卡鉗,避震器,其他,固


聲明,能接受者,方可訂購,整個電機組件,不拆賣,零售.此品重達 27kg,僅限貨運

All GOGORO 1 auto parts are available for retail, and second-hand goo
ds inevitably use traces, scratches, repair marks, missing parts, fad
ing and some drawbacks.

If you don't mind, you can call 0919*402* 746. If the object is too b
ig or too heavy, you can only post it or drive by yourself.

Image: Motor assembly

The motor assembly includes G1 motors, cooling water cooling systems,
belts, rear wheels, discs, calipers, shock absorbers, other, fixed,
partial frames and parts, as gifts,

If it is not necessary to remove it yourself, the batch will be remov
ed from the normal driving vehicle. Since the license plate has been
cancelled, the motor serial number has been deleted and the second-ha
nd price is sold without warranty service.

Disclaimer, acceptable, can be ordered, the entire motor components,
not for sale, retail. This product weighs 27 kg and is only used for
shipping, ing or picking up.